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Halo Infinite’s technical preview dipped to 540p on Xbox One S, Series S

The technical preview for Halo Infinite has wrapped up, and while reactions to the game have been mostly positive, Digital Foundry’s own tests have revealed some of the game’s early flaws. While the PC and Xbox Series X versions of the game have mostly no problems, the story can be different on the Xbox One S and Xbox Series S. According to Digital Foundry’s report, the game dipped as low as 540p on both of those consoles in some cases.

DF Direct Special: Halo Infinite Technical Preview Tested on Xbox Series X|S, PC, Xbox One X|S

While running at 60Hz, Digital Foundry found that Halo Infinite ran at 1080p, although it could drop just below that mark. However, running at 120Hz, the story was different, with resolutions dipping as low as 540p in some situations. That being said, 540p dips on the Series S aren’t extremely common, and the game would adjust to 720p instead.

On Xbox One S, Halo Infinite makes a number of visual compromises to maintain its target frame rate of 30 frames per second. Among the various downgrades though, like lower quality assets and lighting, players on the Xbox One S will find the game scaling down to 540p regularly. In all, Digital Foundry writer and producer John Linneman called the Xbox One S version of Halo Infinite a “Switch port of an Xbox One X game.” However, Linneman later said that this was a good thing because, while the game was pushing the One S to its limit, it was still playable.

Also going against the Xbox One S version of Halo Infinite is the game’s overall performance. While both the Xbox One X and One S run Halo Infinite at 30 fps, the latter has additional issues that make the game feel worse overall. According to Digital Foundry’s testing, frame-time on the One S version jumps around constantly, producing a slight stuttering effect that, overall, makes for a worse experience.

Halo Infinite is currently set to launch this holiday season on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, with its multiplayer component being entirely free-to-play.

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