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Halo Infinite’s season 2 brings a mini battle royale mode

After a bit of radio silence from 343 regarding Halo Infinite updates, players are finally getting more ways to play with the introduction of four new and returning playlists. These added game modes come as the main draw of Season 2, which is called Lone Wolves.

Halo Infinite | King of the Hill, Land Grab, Last Spartan Standing, & Elimination – Season 2 Preview

Halo Infinite‘s next season is coming on May 3, and it brings King of the Hill, Land Grab, Elimination, and Last Spartan Standing modes to the game. Along with this mix of old and new playlists, 343 is throwing two new maps, Catalyst and Breaker, into the mix.

While the classic modes like King of the Hill may be familiar territory, Last Spartan Standing is new and something players have been asking for since Infinite‘s release. The playlist basically places players into a mini 12-player battle royale, complete with shrinking zones and the added bonus of weapon upgrades based on kill count.

Along with that upgrade perk, Halo Infinite‘s battle royale also gives players access to five respawns. While this is to make up for the mode being confined to 12-players, it may not go down well with those who were hoping for a traditional battle royale single-elimination experience.

Halo Infinite players have been upset by the lack of updates for the game since its launch, believing the game was released unfinished and has been on a steady downturn due to 343 and its lack of community contact. Hopefully, Season 2 and its new content can help rectify those concerns.

Halo Infinite Season 2, Lone Wolves, launches May 3.

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