The Halo Legendary Crate offers exclusive collectibles for superfans

Loot Crate’s themed subscription boxes offer plenty of geeky goodies each month, including t-shirts, magnets, and figurines based on Marvel and DC comics, popular anime series, and famous science-fiction films. But if your tastes are a little more video game-centric, the “Halo Legendary Crate” might be what you want, instead.

The Halo Legendary Crate will be delivered every two months for $40, and includes “exclusive Halo gear, collectibles, and in-game content.” The official Loot Crate page also makes mention of an exclusive figure line “made just for this crate.” Presumably, these figures would be manufactured by Mattel, who recently signed an exclusive toy agreement with Microsoft.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Loot Crate,” 343’s director of consumer products John Friend says on Xbox Wire. “Fans can look forward to the mystery of each box, which knowing a great selection of quality Halo items are always waiting within.”

Perhaps the most interesting part of the announcement concerns a line on Loot Crate’s website describing the “themes based on the biggest moments in the Halo universe.” This could help to keep things fresh every month, with Fall of Reach and The Maw almost certainly being chosen. Still, Loot Crate is going to have to start reaching pretty deep into Halo’s lore if it wants to release one of these every two months for the foreseeable future.

This would not be the first time Halo goodies were included in a Loot Crate. December’s “Galaxy” theme also included the series in addition to Star Wars and Galaxy Quest-themed merchandise.

Friend adds that Microsoft will be offering “a sneak peek at the first crate coming in late August,” though it’s not clear if that refers to the date of the reveal or the start of the subscription service. You can submit your email address on the official Loot Crate page to be notified when the Halo Legendary Crate is available.


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