Halo comes to the iPhone and iPad in Halo: Spartan Strike

halo spartan strike released

In 2013, Halo: Spartan Assault arrived on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 PCs. Although we certainly found enough to like about it, a significant number of fans were insistent that it wasn’t a real Halo game.

Despite the backlash from hardcore Halo fans, Spartan Assault must have done something right, as Microsoft, 343 Industries, and Vanguard Games released a sequel, Halo: Spartan Strike. The game is available on the same platforms as the first game, but has also added the iPhone and iPad to the list of supported platforms.

Like its predecessor, Halo: Spartan Strike is essentially a twin-stick shooter, albeit one that eschews the more traditional psychedelic Geometry Wars-style visuals in favor of a look that is undeniably Halo. The top-down perspective will likely take some time to adjust to, but is probably better suited to touch controls.

Originally slated for release in December of last year, Halo: Spartan Strike is available now on all supported platforms. The game boasts improved touch controls and updated graphics, and according to Xbox Wire it is set on what should be familiar ground for longtime Halo fans. Though the story is, like the first game, presented as a simulation, it takes place on New Mombasa during the events of Halo 2.

For fans holding out hope that Halo: The Master Chief Collection will one day be playable for more than a few minutes at a time, playing on Windows 8 (and 8.1) devices can unlock an exclusive emblem, nameplate, and avatar for that game.

Halo: Spartan Strike sells for $6, no matter which platform you’re looking at. For Steam and iOS users, the Halo: Spartan Bundle is also available, which packs in Spartan Assault and bumps the price up to $10.

If you’re thinking about picking up Halo: Spartan Strike but are still on the fence, maybe a look at the trailer below will help to make up your mind.