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The prehistoric-themed ‘Journey to Un’Goro’ expansion for ‘Hearthstone’ arrives April 6

Journey to Un’Goro Cinematic Trailer
The latest Hearthstone expansion, Journey to Un’Goro, arrives April 6, Blizzard revealed in a Twitch livestream.

Originally rumored in early February and confirmed later that month, Journey to Un’Goro will bring 135 new cards into the fray, the greatest of the game’s five card expansions since launching three years ago. The prehistoric themed pack will take players to the center of the Un’Goro crater, with the main makeup of the new cards comprising Blizzard’s take on dinosaurs.

Each of the nine character classes will receive 10 cards, as well as an additional 45 neutral cards. For a full list of cards, check out the breakdown over at Hearth Pwn.

Perhaps the most interesting addition to Hearthstone with Journey to Un’Goro are Quest cards. When played, these cards introduce objectives to be completed throughout a match. If successful, users can expect in-game rewards. Although the nature of the rewards is unclear at this time, Quest cards look to make battles more layered by adding another component to matches other than simply besting your opponent.

The expansion also introduces new mechanics. The new Adapt keyword gives minions a new elemental power. Much like the discover mechanic, Adapt features three buff options, all immediately accessible once a minion is played. There will be ten Adaptations to choose from, each of which offers a unique method to respond to your opponent’s actions.

Leading up to the launch of Journey to Un’Goro, users can pre-order 50 Journey of Un’Goro card packs for $50, which represents a savings of $50. Your pre-order nets you a Fossil card pack as well.

To celebrate Hearthstone’s dive into the prehistoric, Blizzard has been giving away free gold and cards for users who simply open the game all throughout the week. There’s still time to get in on the free giveaways, as they run through April 5.

Journey to Un’Goro becomes available on all Hearthstone supported devices — PC, Mac, iOS, and Android — on April 6.

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