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Hearthstone voice actor's résumé lets slip details about upcoming expansion

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The next expansion for Blizzard’s incredibly popular collectible card game, Hearthstone, may have been revealed by one of its voice actors. Spotted on the résumé of regularly heard video game actress, Lani Minella, was a mention of her work on a Blizzard project called: Hearthstone: Lost Secrets of Un’Goro.

Manelli is one of a few different voice actors who, along with extensive credits elsewhere, have become regular voices within the Hearthstone universe. Unsurprisingly then, enterprising types on Reddit periodically check their résumés for hints of what might be coming in the future. While that’s quite a laborious process, this time they may well have struck gold.

The listing, found on AudioGodz, highlights Manelli’s previous work as Cult Master, Smith, Imp Master, Faceless Summon, and Dakshire Librarian among a number of other roles she’s had in the past. For the new one though, the Un’Goro listing, Manelli is said to play the part of: “Pteradactyl”, “Anklesaur” and “Brontosaurus” which suggest some sort of prehistoric theme.

That would make sense considering where it’s supposedly based. Un’Goro, like other Hearthstone expansions, is likely a reference to a particular region in the Warcraft universe. In this case, it seems likely to be referencing the Un’Goro Crater, which is found on the southernmost tip of the western landmass of Kalimdor.

It has dinosaurs, too, or at least Warcraft versions of them. Could it be that the next Hearthstone expansion will offer a number of new, terrible lizards for us to play against our foes?

Then again, those names are a little generic. Unless they were tokens, they could well be acting as placeholder names for more specific Blizzard dinosaurs. Only the fact that both Pteradactyl and Anklesaur appear to be (presumably deliberate) misspellings or their real life counterparts, suggests they could end us as cards.

Although this leak still remains very much a rumor for now, the timing of it does make sense. As IGN points out, Blizzard typically does voice recording at the end of an expansion’s production cycle, so this would line up perfectly for a spring debut.

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