Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls composer Normand Corbeil dies of cancer

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Heavy Rain, Indigo Prophecy, and Beyond: Two Souls composer Normand Corbeil passed away after a five-month battle with pancreatic cancer on Friday. He was 56-years-old.

“The first notes raise the hairs on the back of my neck; [Heavy Rain character] Ethan’s theme fills the studio, swelling with emotion from the breath of the brass and the stroking of the strings,” said Heavy Rain director David Cage, speaking about Corbeil’s work, “Ethan is born for the third time, first in the writing, secondly in the image and now in the music.”

“Over the past eight years, Normand had grown to become an integral part of our team,” reads a message on Quantic Dream’s website, “Normand was not only one of the most talented composers of his generation; he was a formidable person, kind and humble.”

Corbeil worked on numerous television shows and films across his twenty-six-year career. In 2011, he received a British Academy of Film and Television Arts award for his work on Heavy Rain.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Corbeil’s family. Fingers crossed that his hard work on Beyond: Two Souls appears in the game when it’s released later this year.