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Helldivers coming to Steam in December with bundled expansions

After premiering for PlayStation consoles earlier this year, Arrowhead’s co-op twin-stick shooter Helldivers is coming to PC platforms via Steam in December, with Sony in charge of publishing.

Created by the team behind the multiplayer wizardry sim Magicka, Helldivers is an overhead-view action game in which up to four players team up to defend Super Earth from alien invaders throughout a series of procedurally generated levels.

Like the PlayStation 4, PS3, and PS Vita versions before it, the Steam port of Helldivers supports both local and online co-op play. Boasting “more than 100 hours of gameplay,” Helldivers features a branching mission structure and shifting level layouts that give players a lot of ground to cover over the course of the game’s campaign.

The Steam version of Helldivers also includes three free expansions previously released on PlayStation platforms: Masters of the Galaxy, Turning Up The Heat and Democracy Strikes Back. All included expansions add new enemy types, weapons, and environments for players to explore.

Helldivers saw a retail release in August that bundled all available expansions and digital copies of the game for PlayStation 4, PS3, and PS Vita devices, along with a batch of exclusive weaponry and themes.

Helldivers additionally hosts several Reinforcement Packs released over the game’s lifespan, supplementing gameplay with new weapons and vehicles that can turn the tide in battle. A paid DLC pack is also in the works for the PC version of Helldivers, though its contents have not yet been revealed.

Developer Arrowhead won critical acclaim for its debut effort Magicka in 2011, and multiple expansions followed in its wake. The series shifted to a different development team for Magicka 2, which is currently featured as one of this month’s free PlayStation Plus titles.

Other Arrowhead games released in the years between Magicka and Helldivers include the 2.5D action game The Showdown Effect and Atari franchise reboot Gauntlet.

A specific release date for the PC version of Helldivers was not announced.

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