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Mass Effect 2, Magicka 2 free for PlayStation Plus members in November

Sony announced that it will give away free digital copies of BioWare’s sci-fi epic Mass Effect 2 for PlayStation Plus members in November, while PS4 owners can expect to play Magicka 2 and the second season of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead free of charge.

PS Vita owners, meanwhile, can expect to receive the early-era standout Invizimals as part of next month’s PlayStation Plus lineup.

Starting next week, PlayStation 4 owners enrolled in Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service can download Paradox Interactive’s Magicka 2 for free. Originally released in May of this year, Magicka 2 features co-op gameplay for up to four players, along with a dynamic spellcasting system. Currently, the PlayStation 4 hosts the only home console version of Magicka 2; the series was previously exclusive to PC platforms.

Also on tap for PlayStation 4 owners this month is The Walking Dead: Season Two from Telltale Games. Continuing the dramatic zombie apocalypse storyline from 2012’s Telltale Games Presents: The Walking Dead, Season Two ups the stakes with a new cast of characters who meet up with a handful of survivors from the first game. The Walking Dead: Season Two‘s story is split across five episodes, all of which will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in November.

Over on the PlayStation 3, Sony serves up free copies of BioWare’s Mass Effect 2. Featuring in-depth combat and interstellar exploration segments, Mass Effect 2 ranks as one of the most popular action-RPGs of the last console generation, and promises players dozens of hours of gameplay.

The PS3 edition of Ubisoft’s Beyond Good & Evil also arrives on PlayStation Plus next month, upgrading Michel Ancel’s critically acclaimed 2003 adventure with a higher-resolution presentation and improved character textures, along with unlockable trophies and leaderboards.

Invizimals headlines next month’s free PS Vita lineup, offering a unique experience in which players battle and capture virtual creatures by using the portable console’s camera. Also up for grabs for PS Vita owners next month is the action-RPG Dragon Fin Soup, which will additionally launch as a free download for the PlayStation 4 and PS3.

All featured games will be available for download for PlayStation Plus subscribers starting on November 3rd.

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