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Helldivers 2 servers at capacity? Play its predecessor instead

Key art for the original Helldivers.
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Helldivers 2 has been the surprise hit of February, but it has also been surprisingly hard to get into the game. Server issues are frequent, and while Arrowhead Game Studios is actively working to resolve these issues, Helldivers 2’s online experience is far from perfect. If you’re frustrated at not being able to play Helldivers 2, but want to play something similar, there’s another fantastic option.

I’m not referencing the similar titles on Xbox Game Pass. I’m referring to the original Helldivers. First released on PC, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita in 2015, Helldivers is a game that I did not think much of before this month, as I only put about 15 minutes into it after getting the game as a monthly PS Plus title in 2016. Returning to it in the wake of my enjoyment of Helldivers 2, I found much of the charm of the sequel is present in its predecessor, albeit in isometric shooter form.

It’s fascinating to see ideas that would go on to make Helldivers 2 a hit in their nascent state in the original Helldivers, which does a lot of the same things right and still has an active online community today. So if you’re struggling to get into a Helldivers 2 match due to server issues, it’s not a bad idea to give the first game a shot.

A different perspective

The core gameplay loop of Helldivers isn’t dissimilar to that of its sequel. There’s a metagame of defending the galaxy from invading forces with the help of other players, and multiplayer is highly encouraged. You’ll even recognize some of the planet names. Before each mission, players kit out their loadout with different weapons and stratagems that can be called down midfight. You’ll recognize many of these stratagems too. Once on a mission, players need to complete objectives and then extract to collect their full rewards. The big difference: it’s an isometric twin-stick shooter.

Multiplayer gameplay of Helldivers.
Sony Interactive Entertainment

If you’ve ever played games like Enter the Gungeon, Nex Machina, or The Ascent, that’s the style of game the original Helldivers is. That means Helldivers doesn’t feel as high-budget as its sequel, but that’s not a bad thing as it still looks and plays really well for a game that’s almost a decade old. While gameplay might play out from a different perspective, it’s really not all that different of an experience. It’s always humbling when you can see where some great franchises got their start; it’s like going from Fallout 1 and 2 to Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

The original Helldivers established the hectic friendly fire-filled shootouts that its sequel would go on to perfect. Sometimes, this game even gets a little more challenging because you can’t move while inputting stratagems and throwing grenades, and throwing stratagems also lacks the precision of Helldivers 2. Within an hour of picking this game back up, I already had a couple of memorable moments where I took myself out with a turret I laid down and was accidentally shot in the back of the head by a teammate who then profusely apologized over voice chat.

Those similarities make the original Helldivers an enticing alternative to its follow-up, but some other aspects of this game warrant a revisit. There’s a bit more narrative content on Helldivers’ bones than there is in its sequel; an entire enemy faction called The Illuminate is also an opponent to take on here as well. A mechanic that gives players reinforcements after completing an objective and progression systems that apply to individual weapons and stratagems also make Helldivers a bit more enjoyable in solo play than in its sequel.

A boss fight in Helldivers.
Sony Interactive Entertainment

It’s still possible to play online in Helldivers. The servers are more stable here than they are fot its sequel, and there’s still a big enough community where you can get random help from players in matches. Hopefully, even more people will be encouraged to revisit Helldivers after falling in love with its sequel; I certainly recommend that you do so.

Because so much of the magic that made Helldivers 2 a surprise hit this month was present in the original, I’m kicking myself for letting Helldivers sit in the depths of my PlayStation game library for so long. If you redeemed the game on PS Plus years ago or don’t mind dropping $20 on Helldivers on Steam or the PlayStation Store, it’s worth a play session with friends if you’re all still struggling to log in and matchmake in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers Dive Harder Edition, the fully updated version of the game, is available now on PC, PS3, PS4, and PS Vita. It plays great on PS5, too.

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