Destiny’s DLC isn’t out yet, but here’s how you can get into yet another locked off area

Another resourceful Guardian has finagled their way into a poorly-locked expansion area, this one earmarked for Destiny‘s upcoming December 2014 add-on content, The Dark Below. 

The video above offers step-by-step showing how you too can have an early glimpse at “The Hypogeum Strike” on Mars. Like the recently discovered “Terminus,” entering the new area involves a series of precise jumps. Also like the previously-discovered DLC area, there is nothing really to do there yet other than look around. There aren’t even any dead ghosts to find yet.

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These stealthy discoveries started after a recent glitch caused the game’s map to show all unvisited areas, including those that will be included in the two announced DLC expansions. Learning their general locations was enough to point nosy guardians in the right direction, and with through diligent snooping they have now been able to access two unseen areas.