There is a Duck Hunt minigame hidden in Heroes of the Storm’s main menu

With each new hero added to the Heroes of the Storm roster comes a unique new menu screen. Earlier this week the Monk from Diablo III was added, here named Kharazim. As usual a new menu screen came along with him, but this one had more than initially met the eye.

The easter egg, initially spotted by Heroes of the Storm-focused site Heroes Nexus, is that there is an entire other game hidden in the game. It doesn’t officially have a name, but anyone who ever owned a Nintendo Entertainment System will recognize it immediately: it’s basically Duck Hunt.

The game won’t just start on its own – you need to give it a little help. Looking at the menu, you’ll notice trees on the side of the screen. To start the game within the game, keep clicking on these trees, but don’t click too fast, since you don’t want to waste a shot when the game appears.

“After clicking on the trees, a duck will come out and you will have a few bullets to hit it. Spamming mouse clicks won’t work,” the Heroes Nexus post reads. “Hitting it with one of the first few shots grants more points. If you miss all shots, the duck will “fly away.” Rounds become more difficult as you progress, with ducks moving ultra fast!”

Obviously this minigame won’t have new players flocking to Heroes of the Storm just to see it in action, but it’s a nice way to pass the time while you wait for friends to hop online, or if you’re just frustrated after losing a few matches in a row. Then again, being laughed at when the duck flies away might not help with your frustration.

For a better look at how to get the game started, or if you simply want to see the game in action without downloading Heroes of the Storm, take a look at the video.