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If you bought Hitman 3 on Steam, you can upgrade it for free

Steam owners of Hitman 3 are getting free edition upgrades for the game courtesy of its development team, IO Interactive. The free updates come in the wake of a somewhat lackluster launch for the Steam version of the game that resulted in a loud uproar from adopters of the platform.

Hitman 3 originally released for PC platforms exclusively through the Epic Games Store. After a year of solely being available in Epic’s marketplace, it arrived on Steam without a markdown in price, much to the dismay of those who waited for the end of the exclusivity period.

The game received countless mixed to negative reviews on Steam due to it being a full $60 even after being on the market for a year. Many people cited other Steam late launch discounts that were brought on due to an exclusivity deal waiting period.

IO heard the complaints and announced that it would work to amend the ill will by releasing free upgrades to all Hitman 3 Steam copies purchased from launch day through to Feb 19. The updates upgrade standard editions of the game to the deluxe edition and deluxe or trilogy copies to the Seven Deadly Sins Collection.

“Ultimately, we didn’t meet our own expectations of a launch experience,” IO Interactive stated in a press release, “and we don’t like that our Steam community is beginning their Hitman 3 journey in this way.”

The upgrade process reportedly begins today and rolls out automatically via Steam entitlements. All owners of the titles have to do is launch their Steam copy of Hitman 3 and the new content from the free upgrade will be available.

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