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PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn to launch on PC in 2020?

Horizon: Zero Dawn will reportedly no longer be a PlayStation 4 exclusive within the year, as sources claim that it is heading to the PC.

Three anonymous sources familiar with Sony’s plans told Kotaku that the post-apocalyptic, open-world title will launch for the PC. If true, it may mean the company is thinking of launching games for platforms beyond the PlayStation.

Horizon: Zero Dawn, developed by Sony-owned Guerilla Games, was launched in February 2017. If it is launched on the PC, it will be the studio’s first game on a non-PlayStation platform since it was purchased by Sony in 2005.

The rumored release of Horizon: Zero Dawn on the PC is a bigger deal for Sony, as every console game that it has funded and developed has been exclusive to a PlayStation platform since the launch of the original PlayStation in 1994. The PlayStation 4’s exclusives, such as God of War and Spider-Man, played a major role in helping it achieve the milestone as the second-best-selling home game console of all time, pushing past the original PlayStation and the Nintendo Wii but still behind the PlayStation 2.

It remains unclear if there will be any additions to the PC version of Horizon: Zero Dawn, but Guerilla Games will likely take advantage of the launch on a more powerful platform to apply some technical upgrades. The PlayStation 4 locks games to frame rates of 30 frames per second, so the PC version will likely be even more visually stunning.

One lingering question is whether Sony is planning to release more console exclusives, including current PlayStation 4 games and upcoming PlayStation 5 titles, to the PC. Microsoft releases all of its Xbox One games on the PC, so it remains to be seen if Sony will follow suit.

Horizon: Zero Dawn as the first PlayStation 4 exclusive to head to the PC is a great choice for Sony. In addition to gorgeous graphics, which will only look even better on the PC, the game features exciting combat mechanics and top-notch world-building. Players take on the role of Aloy, a young hunter living in an age that takes place thousands of years after the fall of modern civilization.

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