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How to change your appearance in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows you more control within the Animal Crossing series than ever before. You get control over the terrain and environment of an entire island, creating different levels, waterfalls, and rivers almost anywhere you want. This control is not limited to just your surroundings but also allows you to shape how you look.

You are able to change the way your character looks at any point. Initially, you’ll be limited in your options, but over time, you’ll have the chance to purchase additional hairstyles, hair colors, and eye colors. And updating your look is extremely simple.

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Getting a new look

When first starting the game, you’ll be offered four mouth options, three noses, and three options of blush. These numbers will always stay the same. However, the things that will change are the hairstyles and colors you can choose from. When initially creating your character, you’ll be offered eight different hairstyles and eight different hair colors. All of these tones are natural in look. Although this seems limiting, as the game progresses, you’ll have a chance to pick up more.

animal crossing new horizons looks

You’ll be able to purchase more hairstyles and colors as your campsite expands, as well as once the Nook Miles program is unlocked. Once the green kiosk is open, it will start to offer a variety of hair DIYs for you to purchase. These DIYs will expand your collection of hair colors and styles.

The Top 8 Pop Hairstyles DIY and the Top 8 Cool Hairstyles DIYs will come with more hairstyles for you to choose from. On top of that, the Top 8 Stylish Hair Colors DIY offers light gray, turquoise, green, blue, cherry red, orange, lilac, and pink hair color options. The two Hairstyle DIYs will cost 2,400 Nook Miles, while the hair colors will cost 3,000 Nook Miles, so be sure to save up!

Additionally, players who time travel or are inactive in the game for two weeks will get a chance to get another style of hair: bed head. In order to get the bed head hairstyle, you’ll need to either time travel 15 days ahead or just not play the game for 15 days. When you do finally log in, your character will come out of the house with unruly hair. The character will straighten it out and it will go back to normal, but it will be offered as an option for players in the future.

What you need to update your look

animal crossing new horizons hair styles

Changing the way you look is exceptionally easy. All you need is a mirror. You can either make the basic full-length mirror or purchase one when it’s available in the Nooks Miles+ Program. Once you have the mirror, place it somewhere in your house where you can reach it.

Once it’s placed, simply walk up to the mirror and press A. The game will ask if you want to “Change up your look” with the mirror. Answering in the affirmative will allow you to change anything you want about your character’s appearance. The mirror will allow you to change your character’s eyes, mouth, nose, skin color, hair color, and hairstyle. You’ll even be able to add custom designs, allowing your character to finally have eyebrows. It’s also worth noting that the first time you touch the mirror, you will automatically get six more hairstyles to choose from. So even if you do not buy the other hairstyles, you’ll at least get more options for hairstyles than you were offered initially.

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