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How to pass Label’s clothing challenge in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a different vendor visits the island’s town square each day. Players can either complete small challenges or buy new products to decorate their island and home. No visiting vendor is more fun to interact with than Label, a small hedgehog with big dreams.

On a random day during the week in Animal Crossing, Label will appear in the town square and ask players for help. Label will present a theme, and players will have to purchase clothes or rummage through their closets to match. If players choose the right outfit, Label will reward them with two exclusive gifts — and choosing how to dress the character can impact the final score and reward.

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Waiting for Label

Animal Crossing New Horizons Label
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Label is one of the three hedgehog sisters of the Able Sisters’ store. She does not (and has not) always engaged with Sable or Mable, because Label dreams of being a big designer someday. There is also a fair amount of Animal Crossing lore that indicates that the relationship between the sisters has always been a bit strained, to say the least. All this has left Label to travel the world in search of inspiration for her new clothing line. Now she has come to your island to find out what real fashion is like!

Once players have placed and built the Able Sisters’ store, Label will start to appear in the town square. Her appearance will be random and is not dependent on the weather, so keep an eye on who arrives in the town square once the Able Sisters’ store opens up. When you’re engaging with her, Label will explain that she is traveling to find inspiration for her own fashion line. From here, Label will ask you to present yourself in an outfit that is fitting of the given inspiration.

Passing the challenge

The outfits Label asks for vary from visit to visit. Generally, Label will ask for outfits in the theme of either Casual, Fairy Tale, Outdoorsy, Everyday, Sporty, Formal, Work, Gothic, Comfy Theatrical, or Vacation. The best part is that Label will also provide players with an example item of clothing. Players will have the option of designing an outfit totally from scratch or creating an outfit centered around the item Label provided.

This gives players a chance to rummage through the items on their island in search of the best clothing items to fit the descriptions. Additionally, players can visit the islands of friends to see what the Able Sisters are carrying at other stores.

It is also worth noting that the outfit does not have to totally coordinate. Players can sort of play with the mix-and-match nature of Label’s challenge. For the Work theme, for example, players could wear a hard hat and pair it with the doctor’s face mask. As long as the pieces reflect working in some manner, Label should allow you to pass. If you’re having trouble finding the right item for the test, there is some wiggle room and forgiveness in Label’s evaluations.

Once an outfit is all together, head back to Label again. Label will ask if you’re ready to be evaluated and, if you’re dressed to the nines in a theme-fit outfit, go ahead and say yes!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Goth Theme Label Challenge
An outfit put together for Label’s Gothic theme. Image used with permission by copyright holder

Label is always encouraging, so first-time Label challenge players may have trouble deciphering whether or not they have passed Label’s test. Providing Label with a decent outfit will absolutely get you a Tailor’s Ticket. These tickets are good for the purchase of one item in the Able Sisters’ store and are valued up to 3,000 bells. However, players who get amazing reviews from Label will get a little bit extra.

The sure-fire way to know if Label loved your outfit is based on whether or not she gives you an exclusive item from her design line. If Label thinks the outfit you put together is phenomenal, Label will give you an item from her exclusive designer line. These items vary from sunglasses or flat brim hats to dresses and T-shirts. All these items sport the Label logo, which looks similar to how Gucci or Versace apply their logos. It’s also worth noting that the next day, the designer Label item will appear in the Able Sisters’ store in different colors, giving players a chance to choose which color they would prefer.

At the moment, it is unclear how many items Label has in her designer line, but time will surely tell. Just keep matching her style, and Label’s whole collection will be in your wardrobe in no time!

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