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How to increase your stable size in Monster Hunter Stories 2

One of the great joys in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is hatching eggs and assembling your dream team of Monsties, friendly monsters to ride on and battle with. Unfortunately, only a limited number of Monsties can be stored and cared for in the stables. Eventually, you will need to make hard choices about which monster companions stay with you and which are returned to the wild.

But there is a way to increase the size of the stables so you can keep many more creatures as your allies. This is how to increase the stable size in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

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Why you should increase your stable size

Two riders face a giant dragon in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Having a large stable of Monsties has two key benefits. First, you can keep a deep roster of battle companions. Each monster has different strengths and weaknesses, and attacks using different attack types. Some will be better complements to your personal playstyle. Having more options means that you have the flexibility to customize the team you take into battle to exploit enemy weaknesses and decide how you like to battle best.  

The other benefit has to do with the Rite of Channeling. Every time you hatch a Monstie egg, it will have randomized genes, which are attributes and abilities that can be passed on to a future generation. Your fifth low-level Velicodrome may not seem like much, but if it has the perfect gene to turn a great late-game Monstie into an absolute powerhouse. You’re going to want to be able to hold onto it. 

How to increase your stable size

A list of items that can be purchased with bottle caps.

Upgrading the size of your stable is relatively easy and something you can do early in the game. First, you will need to progress through the start of the game until you get to the Secrets of the Everden quest. This questline introduces you to Melnyx Inc., a special vendor that deals exclusively in Bottle Caps.  

The mission will send you into an Everden, a special nest with red chests that contain said Bottle Caps. Once you retrieve those, return to the Melnyx Inc. vendor. There are plenty of great things to buy, such as armor, weapons, stat boosts, and special recipes, but you will want to focus your attention on Stable Blueprints.  

These blueprints expand your stables. Every time you purchase one, the stables grow, and your capacity to store Monsties increases. Each Blueprint also costs more than the one before. Stable Blueprint 1 costs five Bottle Caps, Stable Blueprint 2 costs 14 Bottle Caps, etc. The Secrets of the Everden quest itself will net you 10 Bottle Caps, more than enough for your first upgrade.  

Buy that initial Stable Blueprint, and continue visiting Everdens so that you can buy subsequent upgrades. Before long, you will have more than enough room in your stable to assemble a versatile team of Monsties, with fantastic genes at the ready to help your favorite companions realize their ultimate battle potential. Not bad for a few Bottle Caps.  

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