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Exit the Gungeon’s stealth release highlights Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase

Nintendo Switch - Indie World Showcase 3.17.2020

Nintendo put a spotlight on indie titles coming to Nintendo Switch today via its Indie World Showcase.

The livestream capped off announcing Dodge Roll’s Exit the Gungeon is now available on Switch. A spinoff of the hit top-down rogue-lite shooter Enter the Gungeon, it transforms the gameplay to a platform shooter. It previously launched on Apple Arcade and, like many titles that were shown, it’s a timed console exclusive on Switch.

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games put out a new trailer for its next title, The Last Campfire. The team said the game is about “compassion, empathy, and finding hope,” as gamers lead a lost ember to their home. It’s set to debut summer 2020.

Developer Fallen Flag Studio revealed that Eldest Souls, a gorgeous-looking 2D boss-rush action game that takes inspiration from From Software’s Dark Souls titles, is coming to the Switch. Battles will be equally as punishing as players face off against giant bosses once it releases this summer.

Also out later this year is eccentric Japanese developer Hidetaka Suehiro’s long-awaited The Good Life. Described as a “debt repayment role-playing game,” it will have players trying to get out of the red while they also solve a murder and discover why everyone in the town transforms into either a dog or cat at night. The crowdfunded title will finally see the light of day later this year.

In a surprising reveal, Q Games is bringing back PixelJunk Eden. The sequel to the 2008 PlayStation 3 title is fittingly called PixelJunk Eden 2. Available this summer, the highly stylish platformer will feature real-time generated stages that are dependent on how the player performs.

Several timed exclusives coming this summer were shown off including Graffiti Games’ Blue Fire. The colorful 3D platformer has players controlling a ninja with aerial attacks and will be out in the summer. Also available around that time is Baldo, a cel-shaded action-adventure game that looks reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Joining them is Cyanide & Happiness’ adventure game Freakpocalypse, which will have players solving puzzles and getting a healthy dose of the webcomic’s sense of humor.

Other newly revealed timed-exclusive Switch indie games coming in 2020 include the Annapurna Interactive-published I Am Dead. Developed by Hollow Ponds, it’s a puzzle-adventure game exploring the afterlife. Tic Toc Games’ side-scrolling shooter B.ARK stars plenty of animals shooting their way through outer space. The four-player cooperative title is set to release in late 2020. Finally, farming adventure title Summer in Mara by Chibig will come out this spring. Those that buy the Switch version will get free in-game clothes and a Koopa shell backpack.

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