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Iron Man VR for PlayStation has been delayed until May

Marvel’s Iron Man VR – Announce Trailer | PS VR

The PlayStation VR game Marvel’s Iron Man VR is shaping up to be an impressive use of virtual reality technology, giving you a first-person view inside Tony Stark’s suit as you battle villains and save innocents from danger. It was planned to launch next month during a relatively quiet game release period, but we’ll have to wait a few more months before we can step into the suit.

In a statement on its Twitter page, developer Camouflaj revealed that Iron Man VR would now be arriving on May 15, 2020. The studio cited a need to “deliver on [its vision] and meet the high expectations of [its] amazing community” as the primary reasons behind the delay.

In order to deliver on our vision and meet the high expectations of our amazing community, we’ve made the difficult decision to move Marvel’s Iron Man VR to a May 15, 2020 release. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding. You’ll be hearing from us again soon!

— Camouflaj (@Camouflaj) January 17, 2020

The delay announcement comes just a few months after the game’s original release date of February 28 was revealed. At the time, writer Brendan Murphy shared that the game has been in development for three years and would also feature gameplay with Tony Stark outside of the suit. Its antagonist will be Ghost, and you’ll be able to use melee combat and ranged attacks to battle enemies in the air. It should offer insight into Stark’s personality and mental state beyond that of a traditional superhero, as well.

Iron Man VR is the latest in a growing list of 2020 games to be delayed. The other game featuring Iron Man this year — Marvel’s Avengers — was recently bumped to September 4 from its original May date. Other delays include the long-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk 2077 was delayed by five months, and developer CD Projekt Red said its team will need to work longer hours in order to meet its new deadline.

With the delays, the first few months of 2020 are surprisingly barren for new video games. In February, we have the PS4-exclusive Dreams, which had been in an early access state before. March will see the release of Nioh 2, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Doom Eternal, along with the highly anticipated VR game Half-Life: Alyx. Doom Eternal was already delayed from its original November 2019 date, though the Nintendo Switch version will not be releasing simultaneously with its other platforms.

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