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Master snark like Stark when Iron Man VR arrives in February

If there is a better superhero to turn into a virtual reality video game than Iron Man, we haven’t heard of them, and developer Camouflaj is doing just that with the PlayStation VR exclusive Iron Man VR. We’ve been waiting to wear his famous suit for months, and we’ll finally get our chance when it launches in February.

In the announcement post on the PlayStation Blog, lead writer Brendan Murphy shared that Iron Man VR has been three years in the making, and it will combine high-intensity superhero gameplay with a story that understands Tony Stark as a human being — not just Iron Man. They’ll certainly have to knock it out of the park to compare to Robert Downey Jr.’s iconic take on the character.

The game’s story trailer, we learn that antagonist Ghost has become angered by Stark and a devastating event involving Stark-produced missiles that left many dead. This isn’t a villain who is evil for the sake of being evil, but a character with a genuine bone to pick. As a result, Stark stopped selling weapons, but he still retained his signature suit.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR – Story Trailer | PS VR

A shot of first-person gameplay shows Tony soaring through the air, punching and blasting enemies with a high-tech heads-up display on the screen. He will also be able to save a crashing plane using his suit’s abilities, but Ghost will surely put up one hell of a fight.

Alongside the standard $40 version of the game, which will be available in physical and digital versions, there will also be a $50 Digital Deluxe Edition. It includes four deluxe armor sets, 12 research points for unlocking weapons and augments, the soundtrack, and a PS4 theme. If you pre-order the game in stores, you’ll get the Origin, Vintage, Silver Centurion, and Ultraviolet armor sets along with a dynamic PS4 theme.

Iron Man VR will release for PlayStation VR on February 28, 2020, but it isn’t the only game with Tony Stark that’s on the way. Also in development at Square Enix is Marvel’s Avengers, an ambitious action-adventure game that lets you play as everyone from Iron Man to the Hulk and Black Widow.

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