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'Job Simulator' turns 'Overwatch' into an all-out office supply war

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Job Simulator, the virtual reality game best known for its photocopier and supply of gourmet grape juice, is the perfect way to experience the fun of working in an office and plugging electronics into a surge protector, but Owlchemy Labs’ project appears to work perfectly as something else entirely: A bootleg version of Overwatch.

Developer Zi Ye posted a video on his Twitter page showing just how the team was able to translate Blizzard’s famous shooter into Job Simulator. After loading an Overwatch disc into the office’s PC (don’t these people buy digital games on PC?), the office worker turns his head to see Reinhardt placing a barrier near an exit. He next grabs a Reaper-branded stapler and photocopies it, giving himself two for extra damage before teleporting to another cubicle.

Next, he picks up a coffee mug taped to a bottle of grape juice, which serves as Widowmaker’s sniper rifle, and uses a nearby surge protector and its cord as a grappling hook to escape.

But McCree takes aim with his “deadeye” ability, forcing the worker to act quickly — he throws a giant pack of frozen hot dogs into the middle of the room in place of Mei’s ice wall ability and uses a fire extinguisher to freeze McCree solid. Finally, as Reinhardt passes in the hall, our hero switches back to Reaper’s stapler guns and unleashes his “death blossom” ability to win the match.

It only includes a few of the game’s characters, but with a little more time in the oven, Job Simulator‘s version of Overwatch could be a genuinely fun competitive game. Could you hack into other computers with Sombra or use Hanzo to throw objects across the room? The possibilities are only limited to the office supplies at each worker’s desk.

Job Simulator is available now for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR

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