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Mortal Kombat 11’s Joker wields metal cane, Batman doll, and Friendship finisher

Joker may have dominated this year’s Academy Award nominations, but another version of Batman’s greatest foe is on his way to join the Mortal Kombat 11 roster.

NetherRealm released the first official gameplay trailer for Joker in Mortal Kombat 11, revealing a fighter with over-the-top moves that perfectly fits with the game’s brutal matches.

Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack - The Joker Official Gameplay Trailer

Joker’s arsenal of weapons includes a metal cane, oversized mechanical boxing gloves, a bound man in a Joker suit that he grabs from a wheelchair, jack-in-a-box bombs, and a Batman doll with a gun firing from the mouth.

The trailer also reveals a Fatal Blow that starts with Joker stabbing his opponent repeatedly with his knife, then turns them around to slice a smile into their face. The Joker then starts smashing his metal cane into his opponent until the screen is covered with blood, which looks very similar to a scene from the classic Batman comics where Joker kills Robin through repeated strikes from a crowbar.

Joker also comes with a Friendship move, which were non-violent finishers from earlier Mortal Kombat games. He hands his opponent a birthday cake with a candle, with a Friendship sign appearing at the back. Unfortunately for the opponent, Joker is not the kind of person who gives gifts, as the Friendship turns out to be a Fatality when the cake explodes and the Joker unloads a Tommy gun. It ends with the sign, now reading Fatality, dropping on the mangled body of the opponent, splitting it in two.

The trailer also reveals the DC Elseworlds Skin Pack, which includes a Batman Who Laughs skin for Noob Saibot, a Killer Croc skin for Baraka, and a Catwoman skin for Kitana. There will also be a separate skin that will transform Geras into the Time Lord of Apokolips, Darkseid.

Joker is the fifth character in the Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack, which includes access to six DLC characters. Shang Tsung, Nightwolf, Terminator T-800, and Sindel were all added to the roster last year, and the last one, Spawn, will be available on March 17.

Joker will be available on early access to Kombat Pass owners on January 28, with a wider launch on February 4.

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