Kill them all in Spartacus: Legends, a game based on the Starz series

There can only really be three reactions to the Starz show Spartacus: you know nothing about it, you know about it and are completely revolted by the obscene amounts of sex and gore, or you are wildly into it and have probably spent more time that you’d care to admit trying to convince your friends and family that it is more than just bloody softcore porn.

If you haven’t seen the TV show, the news of this tie in game probably won’t mean much to you. The show revolves around the character of Spartacus (originally played by the late Andy Whitfield and then replaced by Liam McIntyre following the original star’s untimely death) to a degree, but it is about more than that. The first season and the prequel mini-series that followed focused on the gladiatorial games of ancient Rome. The “games” were bloodsport, and brutal deaths were common.

The show was about far more than that, and actually featured a fairly deep and impressive storyline that included political intrigue and calculated revenge–assuming you either enjoyed (or could overlook) the blood and constant sex. But at its core, the first season and the subsequent mini-series were about the gladiators and their sport.

This week, Ubisoft announced Spartacus: Legends, a fighting game based on the Starz TV show. The game is scheduled for release in Winter of 2013 as a digitally distributed title on XBL and PSN, and is being developed by Kung Fu Factory, the makers of UFC Undisputed 2009 and Hello Kitty Seasons. Although you should probably focus on the UFC game rather than the Hello Kitty title in this case.

The game will start you off as a raw recruit, forcing you to train your way up the ranks until you earn your shot in the arena. From there you will dismember the competition, online and off, on the way to becoming a champion.

The recently released trailer doesn’t show much actual gameplay, but for fans of the show Legends could be a much appreciated addition to the story after the final 13 episodes, known as Spartacus: War of the Damned, begin this January.

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