Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND DLC promises more story and boss fights

Kingdom Hearts III is set to expand its story with new episodes and boss fights in an upcoming DLC, revealed by none other than the game’s director, Tetsuya Nomura.

Nomura took the stage at a Kingdom Hearts Orchestra performance in Tokyo to announce what is temporarily titled the ReMIND DLC. It was first reported by Twitter user YanilynGaming, who attended the World of Tres concert.

The upcoming Kingdom Hearts III DLC will be headlined by an additional scenario titled ReMIND, which will be accompanied by a limited episode and a secret episode. Both episodes will feature a new boss for Sora and the gang to beat up.

The ReMIND DLC will also come with an option to switch to English voice overs for the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts III. It is unclear if the English version of the game will receive the opposite feature of switching to Japanese voice overs.

In fact, a lot of details about the DLC remain unclear, as according to YanilynGaming, Nomura’s announcement consisted of a “funny little” PowerPoint presentation. The developers apparently have not yet prepared a legitimate preview or trailer for the new content. Nomura did not provide a specific release date and price for ReMIND, though the Kingdom Hearts III director said that more details will be revealed during the rainy season in Japan, which is around June.

A new Keyblade and form for Sora will be rolled out for free though, so players who are not planning to purchase the DLC will also have something to look forward to.

Kingdom Hearts III, released in January, received a 9.0 rating from Digital Trends gaming writer Steven Petite for its seven beautiful Disney worlds, arsenal of Keyblades, and epic boss battles. The ReMIND DLC will look to further improve the long-awaited follow-up to Kingdom Hearts II, which was released in 2005.

The ReMIND DLC will further extend the infamously long, overarching story of the Kingdom Hearts franchise that supposedly concludes with Kingdom Hearts III. For gamers who would like to start from the beginning, Square Enix released Kingdom Hearts – The Story So Far last year, a bundle of two compilations that includes the seven games in the series before Kingdom Hearts III.


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