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‘The Last Guardian’ gets permanent $20 price drop just weeks after its release

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After having been in development for a number of years, The Last Guardian  was finally released in December. Now, just two months later, the game has been discounted from its initial price of $59.99 to the more wallet-friendly price of The Last Guardian .

This isn’t a limited-time promotion, according to a report from Polygon. Instead, it’s a permanent price reduction that spans digital downloads via the PlayStation Store, as well as physical purchases from retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Gamestop. The fact that a discount is coming just weeks after launch is perhaps an indication that the hotly anticipated game has disappointed in terms of sales.

The Last Guardian was originally announced at E3 2009 as a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Expectations were high from the outset — its director, Fumito Ueda, had previously helmed two of the most critically acclaimed games released for the PlayStation 2 — Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

However, the development process proved to be tumultuous, as a slew of delays prompted many fans of Ueda’s work to question whether the finished product would ever be released. When it did finally make its debut last year, critical response was mixed.

Some reviewers felt that the game was dated, both in terms of its graphics and its gameplay mechanics, likely as a result of its drawn-out production. Others held the opinion that the game’s unique concept, its strong narrative, and its arresting art style were enough to make up for its shortcomings.

The Last Guardian was certainly a controversial release, and it’ll be interesting to see how it’s remembered in years to come.

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