Launch trailer foretells your imminent dive into Destiny’s Dark Below

Get ready for Destiny's first add-on with new launch trailer

destinys new raid crotas end defeated destiny dark below

A new launch trailer has emerged to get you excited about the imminent release of The Dark BelowDestiny‘s first major expansion, set for release on December 9. The trailer begins with the ominous narration of Eris, the expansion’s new quest giver. The sole survivor of a mission into the Moon’s Hellmouth, Eris serves as the primary hub for The Dark Below‘s new content, which is teased over the remainder of the trailer.

The Dark Below adds three new competitive maps to the Crucible, three story missions, a Strike, a raid, and a selection of new exotic gear. PlayStation users are also treated to a few additional, exclusive goodies, specifically a bonus Strike and a powerful, exotic shotgun. This exclusive content will eventually roll out to Xbox players as well, at some point in fall 2015 or later.

Launching December 9, The Dark Below is available for pre-order now, by itself for $20 or bundled with the next expansion, House of Wolves, as a season pass for $35.