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Little Nightmares 3 receives a little delay into 2025

Low and Alone standing in a brown empty room together in Little Nightmares 3.
Bandai Namco

Fans of video games where you play little folks running away from much larger folks will have to wait a bit longer for a game that fits that bill. Side-scrolling horror puzzler Little Nightmares 3 has been delayed to 2025 after originally having a 2024 release window.

The development team posted the announcement on X (formerly Twitter), saying that the studio needs a bit more time to ensure the quality is where they want it to be. It adds, though, that there will be more details coming later this summer, perhaps during one of the many summer showcases.

“As much as we can’t wait for you to return to the Nowhere, we also want to make sure we give the game the care and love it deserves. Quality is a top priority for us, and we know you feel the same way,” the post reads.

Little Nightmares 3 was announced at Gamescom’s Opening Night Live in 2023 with a trailer that teased the general story. While Six and Mono, the two previous playable characters, don’t appear in the video and it seems to feature more unique environments, it still feels very much like a Little Nightmares game, complete with grotesque-looking adults and even larger (literally) threats to get around. As with Little Nightmares 2, the third entry will feature two playable characters — called Low and Alone — who will work together to solve puzzles and escape from looming threats.

Little Nightmares III – Announcement Trailer

However, this time, the children will have weapons that they can use to help with enemies. Previously, players had to use stealth and impeccable timing to not get eaten or captured. Six had no tools in the first game, although the characters started getting more agency in the second one.

This entry is being handled by Supermassive Games, developers of Until Dawn and The Quarry, and marks the series’ transition from Tarsier Studios. Tarsier had been acquired by Amplifier Game Invest, which was a part of Embracer Group, and the developers were moved to other projects to work on new IP. However, with the recent struggles at Embracer, it’s unclear if Tarsier still exists or what it’s working on.

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