LittleBigPlanet dev Media Molecule teases PS4 project with trippy colors

littlebigplanet dev media molecule teases ps4 project trippy colors teaser

The result of a rendering error during production of the yet-to-be-announced PlayStation 4 project, this teasing look ahead from Media Molecule is as baffling as it is wonderful. The creators of LittleBigPlanet present a mess of strobing colors, graphical glitches, and “a familiar face” in the 40-second video, which reveals nothing, but is certainly amusing.

The face that appears looks similar to one of the characters shown in this video, from the PS4 console reveal event in 2013 (possibly the guitar-playing guy who shows up after the 5-minute mark). The video was framed at the time as a tech demo that came as a result of MM’s early development efforts with the then-unreleased console, but it may have evolved into a full-fledged project in the time since the reveal.

The title card in the video reads “Making Games” followed by “Part 1: Embrace Your Mistakes.” If there is a ‘part 1’ does that mean we will see more videos in the near future? Whatever the case, Media Molecule has us all scratching our heads as to what this could mean.