Loveplus for 3DS stops virtual cheaters using facial recognition technology

LoveplusA Konami title for the Nintendo 3DS, Loveplus, is a dating simulator that, in addition to being mildly creepy, will keep your virtual girlfriend from cheating on you. For the moment, the game is only being marketed to Japanese audiences, and allows players to try their romantic luck with a few ladies.

After you lure one into your snares, the real fun begins: you “touch” her (with the help of the device’s touchpad), e-mail her, call her via the 3DS’ built-in mic, study together, even get married in the game – you control the fate of your relationship with her. You’re given the option to determine how she speaks to you and as you develop your connection, she takes on your preferences and evolves to becoming your ideal match. And Konami has come prepared: the game includes more than 5,000 scripts, 150 CG situations to act out, and 25,000 vocalizations.

But what’s all that worth if your digital girlfriend isn’t faithful? Taking your fragile psyche into mind, Konami has also installed a “boyfriend lock” option. The device uses facial recognition technology to determine if a lothario other than yourself has snagged your 3DS and is attempting to seduce your girlfriend. Instead, the perpetrator will be met by a confused avatar asking, “Who are you?”

If the idea of a verifiably loyal significant other sounds appealing, start looking into importing the game from Japan, as it’s unlikely to be released in the US anytime soon.

Check out the game trailer for a more in-depth look at Loveplus.