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Best Nintendo 3DS games

As the 3DS eShop closes, devs reflect on a golden age of Nintendo indies

The creators of some of Nintendo 3DS' biggest indie success stories reflect on the eShop's closure and what's still missing on Switch.
legend of zelda twilight princess nintendo wii grandma grandmother reddit 755 hours

You need to get this oddball Zelda game for free before the 3DS eShop closes

wii u 3ds exclusive nintendo games eshop closure ever oasis

Grab these Nintendo 3DS games before the eShop closes

Horses race in Pocket Card Jockey.

The Nintendo 3DS’ best (and weirdest) cult hit is coming to Apple Arcade

Nintendo 3DS close-up.

Nintendo’s Wii Shop Channel and DSi shops are back online

Nintendo 3DS close-up.

The 25 best Nintendo 3DS games

new nintendo 2ds xl review 13703

Nintendo 2DS XL vs. Nintendo 3DS XL

common nintendo 3ds problems and how to fix them d72661797c228a53b550835a16f6ff6ed709e7e8

The most common Nintendo 3DS problems, and how to fix them

Person holding Nintendo 3DS in hands

Nintendo’s 3DS discontinuation marks the end of an era for handheld gaming

New Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo 3DS nowhere to be seen at E3 2019, but apparently not yet dead

nintendo 2ds free game bundle deal 2

Target throws in a free 3DS game of your choice when you buy a Nintendo 2DS

New Nintendo 2DS XL Review

Is this it for the Nintendo 3DS? No new first-party games in the works

persona q2 nintendo 3ds north america launch june new cinema labyrinth

‘Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth’ for Nintendo 3DS arrives to U.S. in June

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth for the Nintendo 3DS will arrive to the US on June 4, several months after its original release in Japan. The game, which will feature characters from Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5, will also come in a Showtime Premium Edition, but it will not have English voices.
Animal Crossing

This 87-year-old grandma eats, sleeps, and breathes ‘Animal Crossing’

Is there such a thing as too much Animal Crossing? The answer to that is a resounding no, and one 87-year-old grandma knows that. She has logged a ridiculously impressive 3,580 hours in Animal Crossing: New Leaf over the past four years. That's about 2.5 hours per day, or 150 days worth of play.
everything shown at nintendo direct 2018 september feature

Nintendo announces new Animal Crossing, Final Fantasy ports, and more

It looks like 2019 is going to be a smash hit for the Nintendo Switch! Major announcements were made today during the previously postponed Nintendo Direct that included a new Luigi's Mansion game, a new Animal Crossing game, and new details on Nintendo's upcoming Online Membership.
Pikachu 2DS XL

Grab the new Pikachu 2DS XL and score a free game and Poké Ball power bank

If you can't get enough Pokémon, then this special-edition Nintendo 2DS XL deal is perfect for you. This bundle lets you score the new Pikachu-themed handheld gaming system, along with a copy of Fire Emblem Warriors and a Poké Ball power bank (a $60 value), totally free.
amiibo powered puzzler announced for 3ds wii u nintendo

Nintendo filed a patent for a curious trading card set that uses Amiibo tech

The trading card set seems to be more traditional than other Amiibo products, but it bears a resemblance to the Animal Crossing Amiibo cards.
Detective Pikachu

Discover one Pokémon’s love of coffee in ‘Detective Pikachu’ for Nintendo 3DS

Detective Pikachu is coming to North America on March 23, bringing a gruff, coffee-obsessed Pikachu to Nintendo 3DS.
Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Data miners unearth rare beasts from ‘Pokémon Ultra Sun’ and ‘Ultra Moon’

Ahead of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon's launch, data miners have unearthed the game's Ultra Beasts and mythical Pokémon.

Target is giving away a free Pokémon for 'Pokémon Sun and Moon' players

For a limited time, you can visit your local Target store and get a code for a Level 50 Charizard to add to your 3DS Pokemon Sun or Moon game.
fire emblem warriors release date nintendo switch

‘Fire Emblem Warriors’ gets a release date — and a special edition

Fire Emblem Warriors gives many reasons for fans to be excited. The game officially releases on October 20 alongside a special edition.
Metroid: Samus Returns trailers

‘Metroid: Samus Returns’ locks its toughest mode behind an amiibo paywall

Metroid: Samus Returns updates the Game Boy sequel. The hard difficulty, called Fusion Mode, is locked behind an amiibo paywall.
its time for nintendo to move away from 3ds lifestyle 2

Six must-have Nintendo 3DS games you can score for $20 or less

The Nintendo 3DS has built up an awesome library of must-have titles. Here are our 6 favorite games you can score right now for $20 or less.

Where can you find a Nintendo 3DS? Here’s where to buy

The NIntendo 3DS has been around for more than half a decade, but it's almost impossible to find at times. Here's where to look.
pokemon stars potentially unveiled pokemonstarsmerch

‘Pokémon Stars’ may have been teased with new line of merchandise

A new line of Cosmog-centric merchandise may have just accidentally revealed the Switch-exclusive Pokémon Stars.
mario sports superstars leads nintendos slated 3ds lineup mariosports

Mario and company play soccer, golf, more in new 'Mario Sports Superstars' trailer

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Mario Sports Superstars, which features footage of all five sports included in the game.
Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS

Hands on: ‘Super Mario Maker’ for Nintendo 3DS

digital versions of pokemon sun and moon may max out sd cards pokemonsize

Time to upgrade your 3DS SD card: 'Pokémon Sun,' 'Moon' need more than 3GB each

Looking forward to downloading digital copies of Pokémon Sun and Moon for your Nintendo 3DS next month? You may need to upgrade your external storage.
japanese trailer for pokemon sun and moon reveals seven new critters sunmoon feat

Japanese trailer for ‘Pokémon Sun’ and ‘Pokémon Moon’ reveals 7 new critters

Nintendo has released official footage of the Pokémon unveiled by a leak earlier this week.
story of seasons sequel leads xseeds e3 2016 lineup

‘Story of Seasons’ sequel leads Xseed’s E3 2016 lineup

Gaming publisher and localization studio Xseed Games revealed its E3 2016 lineup, announcing upcoming sequels for Story of Seasons, Akiba's Trip, and more.
phoenix wright spirit of justice coming to 3ds this fall phoenixwright thumb

Phoenix Wright: Spirit Of Justice coming to 3DS eShop this fall

Phoenix Wright will return for another round of courtroom action in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice via the 3DS eShop this fall.
detective pikachu movie director great

Pikachu finds love, dead bodies in this trailer for Great Detective Pikachu

Nintendo has released a new trailer for their upcoming Pokémon spin-off, Great Detective Pikachu, which will be released in Japanese February 3.
fire emblem fates gay conversaion therapy scene removed

Born this way: Nintendo cuts Fire Emblem Fates' controversial "gay conversion drugging"

Nintendo has scenes in Fire Emblem Fates where a heterosexual character drugs a homosexual character in order to change her sexual orientation.
windows 95 on nintendo 3ds

The Nintendo 3DS XL can run Windows 95

The Internet goes into hypemode as the Nintendo 3DS is hacked into running Windows 95. Beware of the bluescreens.