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What if Mario’s ‘Cappy’ hat landed on a Dark Souls character?

Dark Souls Odyssey
If there are two game series that are diametrically opposite it’s Mario and Dark Souls. One offers family friendly fun in a colorful and cartoonish environment, while the other has you battling through a grim and dangerous world of undead and demonic monsters. YouTuber JellyElite, however, has answered a pertinent question: what if you blended both worlds together?

JellyElite even figured out a thematic way to do it. One of the more intriguing new features of the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive, Mario Odyssey, is that his hat, Cappy, now has a mind of its own. Throwing it onto unsuspecting enemies lets Mario possess them, so what JellyElite imagines is how Dark Souls would play out if Cappy accidentally landed on the head of a Dark Souls character.

Well, now we have a video to show us exactly how it would play out.

The Mario Souls character has a rather impressive jump, leaping over generic enemies and bosses alike and a powerful slam ability which sees it leveling the undead, knocking them off ledges and punching right through bridges to knock oversized rats onto the ground far below.

The person behind this cutesy mashup even managed to fit in a moment when pseudo-Mario acquires a fire flower and slings some fireballs at enemies big and small. When another player invaded the game though, they didn’t seem too pleased about his ability to leap several times his own height over their attacks.

Fans of the Mario Odyssey trailer that this is based on will no doubt spot a number of homage moments from the game, but if this isn’t enough for you, you can attempt to re-create parts of it yourself. JellyElite provided links in the video’s description to the Mario hat texture, which replaces that of the female Old Sorcerer hat from the base game of Dark Souls 3. You’ll also need the iGP11 mod to make it happen, which is freely available from the Nexus.

This isn’t the first time that JellyElite has mashed up other properties with Dark Souls 3. Fans of Cowboy Bebop will probably enjoy their take on mixing it up with the grimdark hack and slash.

Dark Souls 3: Bebop Bandit

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