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First major Marvel’s Avengers patch since launch fixes more than 1,000 issues

The first major patch for Marvel’s Avengers since its September 4 launch fixes more than 1,000 issues that gamers have helped identify.

Crystal Dynamics said that Patch v1.3.0 fixes bugs in the game’s campaign and multiplayer modes, as well as issues in animations, user interface, combat, and rewards, among many others. The developer has also started a thread on Reddit where players can report bugs with the patch to make it easier to keep track of all the problems that players have encountered.

Meanwhile, in a separate thread on Reddit, Crystal Dynamics lists all the known issues and workarounds for Marvel’s Avengers, which may help players who are having problems with the game.

According to the patch notes, the focus for the update was resolving bugs, but upcoming near-term patches include quality-of-life adjustments and features driven by player feedback.

Digital Trends has reached out to Crystal Dynamics for more details on the developer’s near-term focus for Marvel’s Avengers patches, and we will update this article as soon as we hear back.

Marvel’s Avengers beta draws millions

Marvel’s Avengers‘ rocky start follows a beta test that drew more than 6 million players, which helped publisher Square Enix collect data for planned fixes to the game. The players spent a total of more than 27 million hours on the beta, with more than 300 million enemies defeated and 200 million Hulk smashes, among other interesting statistics.

With Crystal Dynamics’ diligence in rooting out and resolving issues, players should expect even more patches to improve the overall Marvel’s Avengers experience.

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Marvel’s Avengers beta test draws more than 6 million players
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In a blog post on the official Marvel's Avengers website, Square Enix revealed that more than 6 million players spent a total of more than 27 million hours playing the game's beta. There were also more than 300 million enemies defeated, 200 million Hulk smashes, 22 million Hulk Busters summoned, and 29 trillion kWh generated by Iron Man's arc reactor, among other interesting statistics.

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