Mass Effect 3 Deluxe Edition detailed, exclusive to EA’s Origin


Electronic Arts is smartly trying to break off a larger piece of the digital delivery business with the renewed focus on its recently renamed Origin service. Some of the biggest upcoming EA games will be either exclusive to the download portal or bolstered by additional content that isn’t available anywhere else. The latter is true for Mass Effect 3 or, more specifically, its deluxe edition for PC.

For $80 you can get the N7 Digital Deluxe Edition of the game, which packs an array of in-game bonus content like the “N7 Arsenal Pack,” an alternate outfit pack for your squadmates, an N7 hoodie and, perhaps best of all, a robotic dog. You’ll also get a downloadable version of the soundtrack, a comic book, a lithograph and a digital art book. The thing about this N7 Digital Deluxe Edition is it’s an Origin exclusive. You can also get those same bonuses if you pre-order the console version of the game through the EA storefront.

It sounds like just the N7 Digital Deluxe Edition is exclusive to Origin, which could mean that the same content will also be available for console version of the game as one or more pre-order bonuses with certain retailers. One thing you can be almost 100 percent certain of is, you’ll probably be able to buy at least the in-game stuff a la carte through you digital marketplace of choice.