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Microsoft pays tribute to Star Wars with limited edition Xbox 360

xbox star warsToday at Comic-Con, Microsoft debuted its limited edition Star Wars themed Xbox 360. The console pays homage to R2-D2 while the controller is a tribute to C-3PO.  And there’s more to the set that meets the eye: The astromech droid’s signature sounds will be woven into the console functions. You can take a listen at the previous link.

The unveiling comes hot on the heels of the Kinect Star Wars game, which uses the motion-based gaming technology to give players an immersive Star Wars experience. Developers also said a pod-racing feature will be included in the Kinect game. It’s the closest you’re ever going to get to wielding a light saber or piloting a pod racer.

The limited edition console will go on sale this holiday season for $449.99 and will come packaged with a white Kinect, the Kinect Star Wars, Kinect Adventures, and a 360 wired headset. It runs a 320 GB hard drive as well “exclusive downloadable content,” which Microsoft did not detail.

For more pictures check out our photo gallery on the Star Wars Bundle.

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