Microsoft to release a 320GB hard drive for the Xbox 360

microsoft to release a 320gb hard drive for the xbox 360 618 gaming xbox360The new Xbox 360 models are about to receive the option of an upgrade. Microsoft has announced through Eurogamer that it will be releasing a 320GB hard drive for all Xbox 360 S models.

For those that haven’t tried, replacing the hard drive in a new Xbox 360 is a simple matter of opening the protective door and gently pulling it out. As for the transfer of data, it wasn’t expressly mentioned, but odds are the new hard drive will come packaged with a cable that makes the transferring of all the data off the current 250GB hard drives included with the new Xbox 360s, a simple task. For those that purchased the new arcade model with the 4GB hard drive, the 320GB drive will be an even easier fit.

The 320GB hard drive will cost $129.99, and is expected later this month. As an added bonus, included on the hard drive will be an Xbox Live download code for Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars.