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Microsoft wants Xbox Game Pass on PS4. Cross-platform news expected at GDC 2019

PlayStation 4 Pro review
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Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s executive vice president of gaming, has continued to change the definition of “Xbox” over the last few years, releasing console-exclusive games on PC and even planning to offer Xbox Live services on Nintendo Switch. If Microsoft gets its way, however, things could go even further, including possibly offering the Xbox Game Pass service on PlayStation systems.

Speaking to GeekWire, Spencer explained that selling games and services to players is Microsoft’s biggest focus, and this extends beyond only offering them on Xbox or PC hardware. With Xbox Game Pass, subscribers get launch-day access to all new Microsoft games as part of their monthly fee, and they have unlimited time with the games.

“We want to bring Game Pass to any device that somebody wants to play on,” Spencer said in the interview.”

Spencer stopped short of mentioning putting Xbox Game Pass on the PlayStation 4 specifically, but the connotation of his statement was clear. If Microsoft gets its way, the service will be on everything from PlayStation 4 to phones and Nintendo Switch.

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Microsoft is already moving to have its games available for play on mobile devices through the Project xCloud program. The game-streaming service will let members play Xbox games on their phones, with special touch-based control schemes implemented alongside support for Bluetooth controllers. The program will also be compatible with the Xbox One itself, as well as PC, giving consumers more choice over how and where they play. This all could be playing into a new report that suggests the next Xbox One will be digital only, meaning it could go completely disc free.

Cross-platform play between Xbox One and other systems is already implemented for a small number of games. Fortnite players can enjoy the game across all devices, and Rocket League also features play between Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. With the exception of PS4 and a few legacy systems, players can also enjoy cross-platform play in Minecraft. As we move into the next generation of consoles, this should only continue, as there appear to be few technical limitations on cross-platform play.

It’s expected that Microsoft will reveal more information on expanded Xbox Live functionality during GDC 2019 later in March. As there is no achievement system on Nintendo Switch, we’re crossing our fingers that something can be implemented with the addition of Xbox Live support.

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The individual stories of all five of Weird West’s playable characters are emotionally captivating and quite distinct from each other. That’s very noticeable as soon as you jump over to the second story, which follows a human turned into a Pigman. Still, it’s a living and reactive world, so decisions made and characters killed in an earlier character’s journey do have an impact on subsequent characters’ adventures; you can even find and recruit characters that you previously played as.

It’s here where Weird West’s immersive sim roots start to shine, as a lot of emergent narrative moments with impact feel crafted by the player. This carries over into gameplay, which is done from an isometric perspective. Like Arkane’s best games, there are always multiple solutions to any objective, and going in with guns blazing isn’t always the best option. Instead, players are encouraged to stealth around, sweet-talk characters, and even use some magical abilities if the playable character can learn them as they progress through a character’s journey.
With these more dynamic elements, the isometric perspective, and the narrative focus, Weird West can feel like as much of a CRPG as an immersive sim at times. As such, it might be an enjoyable follow-up to Baldur’s Gate 3 for players finally coming off that lengthy RPG. At the very least, if you enjoy games that emphasize player freedom and also find novel ways to make it influence the game’s broader narrative, then you’ll enjoy Weird West.
The game had some technical issues and rough edges when it was first released, so it has flown under the radar. Most of those have all been smoothed over by now, though. Post-launch updates have fixed most of the major bugs and improved the character progression, aiming, and companion and stealth systems by adding more depth and UI clarity to them. Weird West is in the best state it has ever been in, but still feels as distinct and strange as ever.

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