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Massive ‘Miitomo’ update enables sidekicks, social features, customization

Miitomo Update - Confession
Miitomo, Nintendo’s first foray into the mobile gaming space, was a pretty bare-bones application when it first launched last March. But if you haven’t checked out your Mii’s house in several months, you’re going to want to schedule a visit — a massive update adds several new social features, customization options, and even a sidekick.

With the update, which is available to download now on both iOS and Android, your Mii will now be joined by a “sidekick” character in their home. Nintendo encourages players to get more creative when designing the sidekicks, as they aren’t meant to represent someone you personally know. This character will have their own room, can be sent to friends’ homes, and is fully customizable. And you aren’t limited to one: you can have up to 100 different sidekicks per user.

To go along with your new custom characters, Miitomo has added “Style Central,” a feature that allows players to send their custom outfits to users around the world, who can then offer up the always popular “like.” Sharing can also net you “My Nintendo” points, though it’s unclear if your outfits’ popularity affects this.

Rooms are also fully customizable now, letting you change the wallpaper and flooring by playing the occasionally infuriating “Miitomo Drop” mini-game. Examples show players decorating their rooms with Mario and Splatoon themes, but if you want to use an image on your phone, you can turn it into a poster to place on your wall.

Social interaction was extremely limited during Miitomo‘s “vanilla” stage, and this is also getting some major improvements in the update. You’re now able to interact with Mii messengers both verbally (well, via text) and with expressions, and you can even send private messages to anyone on your friends’ list. If you’re particularly bored, you can now also answer and see questions from around the world, instead of just your personal group of Mii pals.

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