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Frontrunners get a first look at Mirror’s Edge Catalyst on April 22

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Developer Diary - Social Play
Electronic Arts will give players an early look at its parkour-inspired action game Mirror’s Edge Catalyst with a closed beta launching later this month, developer DICE announced today.

Catalyst‘s closed beta will begin on April 22nd, and will continue through April 26th.

Electronic Arts will issue closed beta invitations to players who previously registered via Mirror’s Edge Catalyst‘s official website. Members of the game’s Frontrunner program will be first in line to receive codes on April 22nd, while other eligible players will receive beta invitations via e-mail on April 23rd.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a prequel for 2008’s Mirror’s Edge, a first-person platformer in which players control an acrobatic, free-running protagonist pursued by a totalitarian regime. Unlike its level-based predecessor, Catalyst takes an open-world approach to its gameplay, giving players more options with regards to mission structure and traversal.

Polygon reports that the closed beta will feature the game’s introduction and initial missions before jumping to a section of gameplay that takes place later on in Catalyst‘s campaign.

Developer DICE hopes to use the beta period to iron out any potential issues with Catalyst‘s social features and online systems before the game’s retail launch. In addition to offering a single-player campaign, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst features unique, asynchronous multiplayer mechanics that allow players to compete with others via in-game races and leaderboards.

“As with any beta, the experience will not be the same as the final product,” developer DICE notes. “The Closed Beta is a chance for us to gather your valuable feedback and test the Social Play and online systems before launch. We know that as community members, you will have invaluable feedback on the game and we look forward to your comments and reaction when the Closed Beta starts.”

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst premieres for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms on May 24th.

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