Faith gets an origin story in EA’s upcoming Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

mirrors edge catalyst reveal me calayst keyart edited
Fans of the original Mirror’s Edge praised the game for its striking visuals, compelling story, and high-flying action. Now, EA is following up the success of the first game with Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. You’ll charge over rooftops, sneak past enemies and unveil the secrets that lie underneath the dystopian government’ s rule.

The new game will bring with it a number of improvements to the physics and graphics, but perhaps the most striking change is the expansion of its levels. The first game was based off a series of stages that pushed the player to charge through a level to the end before loading the next one. In Catalyst, the whole world is open, so you aren’t limited to one rooftop or hallway, you can go wherever you need to get the job done.

In this prequel to the original game, you’ll lead Faith from being a hapless citizen of the totalitarian city to a hero, leading people to the truth that lies in between the walls of the city.

“When we set out to bring Mirror’s Edge to a new generation of gamers, we knew we wanted to deliver on the potential of the first game – building an iconic heroine in Faith, bringing a beautiful, stylized world to life, and delivering fluid first person action,” remarked Sara Jansson, Senior Producer at DICE. It’s the incredibly immersive first person play that made Mirror’s Edge a success. Turning it into more of an open-world game should only help the player feel Faith’s struggle in an even more real way.

Although nothing has been said about it, Mirror’s Edge is the perfect candidate for virtual reality. Standing on the edge of an impossibly tall rooftop or leaping from a building to catch a scaffolding would allow players to feel the rush and nervousness. Even if it doesn’t make it to VR, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will hit shelves on Feb 23rd of 2016.

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