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Finish them with style: how to perform every Mortal Kombat X Fatality

Mortal Kombat X deserves to be known for many things – it’s lovely graphics, tight gameplay, and other things you can read about in our review – but it just wouldn’t be a Mortal Kombat game without the series’ trademark Fatalities. Mortal Kombat X features two of these gruesome finishers per fighter, and we’re going to tell you how to perform each and every one of them.

Below, you’ll find a complete list detailing how to perform every Mortal Kombat X Fatality, posted in alphabetical order. Since buttons differ by system, we’ll be writing commands with Xbox controls first, followed by PlayStation. Each Fatality also requires that the fighter performing the action be within a certain range of their target. These will be listed immediately after the name of the Fatality in question. Close means you should get right on top of them, mid means a few paces back, and far should place you on the opposite end of the screen.

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