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Mortal Kombat 1 Fatalities: how to do every character’s Fatality

What set the Mortal Kombat franchise apart when it first hit arcades was just how brutally violent the games were. It looks tame now, but the Fatalities of the original game were some of the most shocking things anyone had seen in a game up to that point, pixelated graphics and all. With Mortal Kombat 1, NetherRealm continues to churn our stomachs with some of the most disgustingly detailed ways to dismantle your opponent. Everyone loves seeing these creative ways your favorite fighter can definitively end a fight, but if you want to show off to your friends and humiliate your enemy, you have to know the specific button input to pull it off for each character. There are more that you can unlock, but here is how to perform every character’s basic Fatality in Mortal Kombat 1.

How to perform all basic Fatalities

Here are all the default inputs for every character’s Fatality on PlayStation and Xbox controls in alphabetical order, as well as what range you need to be at to trigger the Fatality. Once you have reduced your opponent’s health to 0 and they are susceptible to a Fatality, which you will know from the announcer calling out “Finish him” or “Finish her,” you will have five seconds to input the correct sequence.

Ashrah – Mid range

Down, Forward, Down, Triangle/Y

Baraka – Close range

Back, Forward, Down, Square/X

General Shao – Mid range

Back, Forward, Down, Square/X

Geras – Mid range

Forward, Down, Down, Circle/B

Havik – Close range

Down, Forward, Down, Circle/B

Johnny Cage – Close range

Forward, Back, Down, Triangle/Y

Kenshi – Close range

Forward, Down, Down, Triangle/Y

Kitana – Mid range

Down, Forward, Down, Circle/B

Kung Lao – Mid range

Down, Down, Back, Circle/B

Li Mei – Close range

Forward, Back, Forward, Cross/A

Lui Kang – Close range

Back, Forward, Down, Circle/B

Mileena – Close range

Back, Forward, Back, Square/X

Nitara – Mid range

Down, Down, Back, Square/X

Raiden – Close range

Back, Forward, Back, Triangle/Y

Rain – Close range

Down, Down, Back, Circe/B

Reiko – Mid range

Down, Down, Back, Triangle/Y

Reptile – Mid range

Forward, Back, Down, Circle/B

Scorpion – Mid range

Down, Forward, Back, RT

Shang Tsung – Close range

Back, Down, Down, Circle/B

Sindel – Mid range

Down, Back, Down, Square/X

Smoke – Any range

Back, Forward, Down, Square/X

Sub Zero – Any range

Forward, Down, Down, Triangle/Y

Tanya – Close range

Down, Back, Down, Cross/A

All Kameo Fighter Fatalities

Cyrax – Mid range

Forward, Back, Forward, RB

Darrius – Mid range

Down, Back, Forward, RB

Frost – Mid range

Back, Down, Back, RB

Goro – Close range

Back, Forward, Down, RB

Jax – Far range

Down, Forward, Down, RB

Kano Mid range

Back, Down, Forward, RB

Kung Lao – Mid range

Forward, Back, Forward, RB

Sareena – Mid range

Back, Down, Down, RB

Scorpion – Mid range

Down, Forward, Down, RB

Sektor – Mid range

Back, Forward, Back, RB

Shunjiko – Mid range

Down, Back, Down, RB

Sonya – Mid range

Back, Forward, Down, RB

Stryker – Mid range

Forward, Down, Forward, RB

Sub-Zero – Mid range

Forward, Down, Forward, RB

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