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EA’s Dawngate promises MOBA fans a massive story

moba dawngate ea promises massive story

At a press event held at E3 today, Electronic Arts showed off a trailer for a new multiplayer-focused title it currently has in development. Titled Dawngate, the multiplayer online battle area (MOBA) promises players a “massive” story arc that will provide the characters who populate the game an immersing background story.

Dawngate will be directed at hardcore MOBA gamers — those who are intimately familiar with the DOTA franchise or League of Legends style games. In development from Waystone Games, Dawngate gameplay will feature two teams that consist of five Shapers, two lanes, and a jungle setting. Economic elements are also planned to be included in the game to increase strategic play styles. Players will grab loot drops. called Blessings, from friends and foes which will reward teamwork and solid sportsmanship.

Included in the Dawngate video was a section of the game’s universe that will consist of reference information, aimed toward “bookish nerds” who are interested in the back story and history of the characters and worlds. Each map will include its own story arc that players participate in. EA hopes that it will create a rich and dynamic game world.

No release date information was provided, but gamers can sign up at the Dawngate website to join in the beta experience.

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