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How to earn gold in MultiVersus

Nothing is ever really free — or at least the people making it will still provide you plenty of ways to pay for something given to you for "free." MultiVersus is not nearly as bad as many other free games that almost require people to pay real money in order to compete or progress, but it does still include multiple in-game currency types that can be used for different purposes. Some things will only be available for the premium paid currency called Gleamium, while others can be bought with either Gleamium or the earnable currency, Gold.




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What You Need

  • Play and win

Gold is a very valuable currency to rack up in MultiVersus. You will use it for a ton of stuff, and if you can reliably earn enough of it, there's not much you will need to open up your wallet for to get in the game. Of course, there are different ways to earn Gold, and each way will get you different amounts. They're all somewhat tied together, so you can, and should, try to focus your efforts to earn as much as you can at once. There are a few methods at your disposal, so here are the best ways to earn Gold in MultiVersus.

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How to earn Gold

Earning Gold in MultiVersus will almost entirely come down to simply playing the game. However, you can make this more efficient in a few ways. Here's how to maximize your Gold earnings naturally.

Step 1: Play and win matches. This is the obvious one. Playing matches will always reward you with Gold. However, you also get a little bonus for winning matches that bumps up your earnings a bit. It probably goes without saying, but always try to win for the biggest payout.

Step 2: Complete daily and battle pass missions. You get a nice list of daily missions every day in MultiVersus that usually only require you to do one or two things but can pay out with some easy Gold. Battle pass levels can also have Gold as a reward, so look to level up your pass while playing to always be working toward a new level.

Step 3: Get toasted. You can't control this one, but getting toasted after a match gives you 25 Gold every time it happens. You can toast other people to ping them to toast you back, but this one is kind of out of your control.

Step 4: Level up characters. Rotate around the roster and take advantage of leveling up low-level characters to earn the Gold bonus for leveling up with as many of them as you can. Every character you hit rank five with will reward you with 100 coins.

Step 5: Play with friends. Just by inviting a friend to your party when searching for matches, you give yourself not only a 30% XP buff but also 30% more Gold.

Buying toast with gold.

How to farm Gold

Gold farming can be slightly tedious and isn't as fun as just playing MultiVersus, but if you're desperate to earn Gold as fast as possible, try this out.

Step 1: Join a party with a friend.

Step 2: Play two-versus-two matches against easy AI opponents and win.

Step 3: Repeatedly toast your friend and have them toast you after each match.

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