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How to Toast in MultiVersus

Fighting games all handle the end of a match differently. Some have the winner give some quote or taunt to rub a little dirt in their opponent's face, while others have a more respectful ending like showing the loser applauding the winner. MultiVersus mixes a few of these together, but also includes its own system for showing your appreciation to your fellow competitors in the form of Toast.



What You Need

  • Toast

Toasting in MultiVersus is used with literal toast. The fact that you can show appreciation with cooked bread is more than just a fantastic pun, though, because it makes it a consumable item in the game. Toasting other players, and getting Toasted yourself, is the best way to be a good sport in MultiVersus, but the mechanic isn't explained at all in the game's tutorial. If you want to Toast in MultiVersus, here's everything you need to know about this tasty way to applaud your fellow fighters.

A match results screen in MultiVersus featuring WB characters like Superman and Iron Giant.

How to Toast in MultiVersus

You have the option to Toast everyone you play with in MultiVersus once the match concludes (excluding yourself, of course). The process is simple, but it's easy to miss if you are too eager to leave and start a new match.

Step 1: Finish a match of any mode in MultiVersus. Matches can be best of two or three.

Step 2: Win or lose, get to the results screen where you see all the players and their stats.

Step 3: Above each portrait is the option to give Toast. Simply press this button on any or all the players you want to reward with Toast.

What does Toasting do?

Giving Toast simply shows that you acknowledge your opponent's, or teammate's, efforts in the game and want to reward them with one of your limited Toasts. Giving Toast can also be a daily challenge and is also part of several of the game's trophy/achievement requirements. When you Toast another player, they also get a notification and the option to easily Toast you in return.

Getting Toasted, on the other hand, rewards you with 25 gold.

Buying toast with gold.

How to get Toast in MultiVersus

You're given a full loaf of Toast when you start MultiVersus, but it will quickly run out. To get more, you have a few options.

Step 1: Purchase toast from the collection screen on the main menu. A pack of 10 Toasts cost 350 gold, which is a free currency.

Step 2: Each time you reach level three with a character, you earn five Toasts. With 16 total characters at launch, this can net you 80 Toasts.

Step 3: Earn Toast through the battle pass. Depending on whether you use the free or premium battle pass, you will earn Toast for reaching different levels on the pass.

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