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Nintendo makes mobile debut in Japan with Miitomo, My Nintendo

Miitomo launch trailer
Nintendo’s debut mobile app Miitomo has launched alongside the company’s new My Nintendo service in Japan, giving members access to exclusive rewards, games, and other bonuses for registering purchases and completing online tasks.

The My Nintendo website, currently only accessible for users in Japan, outlines Nintendo’s new currency-based rewards program and gives an early glimpse at what players can expect to receive for participating in Nintendo’s social network.

My Nintendo currency is divided up into Silver, Gold, and Platinum Points. Players can earn Silver and Platinum Points for free by completing various linked “missions,” while Gold Points are only awarded for registering eligible 3DS and Wii U products.

Missions currently available at My Nintendo include simple online tasks like linking accounts, answering poll questions, and exploring customization settings within the Miitomo app. Additional Silver and Platinum Points are awarded daily to players who earn a minimum number of comments and “hearts” for their My Nintendo social media posts.

Players who collect 1,000 Platinum Points can download a free copy of My Nintendo Picross — The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, a My Nintendo-exclusive puzzler for the Nintendo 3DS. Other incentives available at launch include downloadable copies of the Nintendo DS minigame compilation WarioWare: Touched! (1,000 Platinum Points), a pair of My Nintendo themes (200 Platinum Points), and various eShop discounts on eligible games.

A broader selection of freebies is available for players who regularly purchase Nintendo games and earn Gold Points via product registration. My Nintendo rewards that require Gold Points range from Virtual Console games such as Metroid Fusion and Super Mario 64 to full-version downloads of titles like New Super Luigi U and Donkey Kong Country Returns.

My Nintendo Points can also be redeemed within Nintendo’s Miitomo, a free-to-play iOS and Android app released today. In Miitomo, players create a digital likeness of themselves and earn in-game bonuses by taking photos and interacting with friends. My Nintendo Platinum Points can be used to unlock character costumes in Miitomo, along with Game Tickets that grant access to an included minigame.

My Nintendo is currently exclusive to residents of Japan. Nintendo has not yet announced its plans for a worldwide launch.

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