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Afraid to use the Nintendo Switch dock? One user made a custom N64 dock

Since the release of the Nintendo Switch, there are mixed reviews over the included dock. Some have had no issues switching between portable and TV experiences, but others haven’t been so lucky.

According to various Switch owners on the internet, some docks are leaving permanent scratches on the plastic screen of the device. It is a problem that has led people to create custom solutions. Easily one of the best mods so far is this Nintendo 64 modification from Youtuber Tettzan Zone.

Before people worry about the destruction of a classic Nintendo console, Tettzan Zone has confirmed that the N64 was completely broken with no way to fix it. Rather than tossing it away or displaying it on a shelf, he modified it into a fully functional Switch dock.

The modification took just under a week’s worth of work, and the modder has been open about his process. For anyone wondering why he didn’t allow room to dock the Joy-Cons, it apparently would have been a very tight fit. If anyone else has a busted N64 lying around, this looks like a great way to make it feel loved again.

As far as the original Nintendo Switch Dock, Nintendo still says they have yet to experience any screen-scratching themselves. During an interview with Time, Nintendo of American President Reggie Fils-Aime asked customers to reach out for Nintendo support.

“This is why we’re encouraging consumers to reach out to us directly,” Fils-Aime said. “We have done, as you know, literally hundreds of events, starting with our activity back in January, and most recently the various tours that we continue to take the system out on. As soon as I heard of this report, I asked my teams, ‘Have we seen this in our own experience?’ And the candid answer has been no.”

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