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Latest ‘Need for Speed Payback’ trailer shows off cinematic action, death-defying heists

Need for Speed Payback Official Gameplay Trailer
After spending time in the garage, EA’s latest entry in the Need for Speed franchise looks ready to hit the road in its latest gameplay trailer. Unveiled at EA’s first E3 press conference, the new trailer for Need for Speed: Payback shows off some unbelievable action and killer visuals — as well as some major differences from previous Need for Speed titles.

We already knew that the new Need for Speed was going to be a major departure from previous entries in the series. For instance, instead of being a nameless driver, you’ll take control of a couple different characters throughout the game. This feature was demonstrated during a high-octane heist sequence which pits two player characters against a semi-truck.

You’ll be able to switch between different characters — named Tyler, Mac, and Jess — each of whom have their own driving style. This latest Need for Speed title will also feature an open world for players to explore, where you can find upgrades, new customization options for your cars, and a special new bonus. Throughout the open world, you’ll be able to find “Relics,” abandoned classic cars which can be fixed up and turned into lightning-fast supercars.

Today’s trailer also featured another major element of Need for Speed: Payback — high-stakes car battles. Instead of just chasing down that semi-truck to steal its cargo, in today’s trailer we’re given a sneak peek at some new ways for players to take out other cars while chasing after an objective.

Running enemies off the road and into obstacles rewards the player with slow-motion quick-shots detailing the game’s stellar car physics and spectacular crashes. Enemy cars spiral through the air while sparks fly and fire roars out of the engine, all captured in luscious slow-motion.

For more details about the upcoming Need for Speed: Payback, including what we know about the plot so far, check out our full break-down. For more details on EA’s recent announcements, check our E3 2017 news roundup.

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