New Trailer for The Order: 1886, features zombie werewolf

new trailer order 1866 features zombie werewolf 1886

At its big E3 press event, Sony has revealed a new trailer about its new highly-anticipated shooter, The Order: 1886. The new trailer features gameplay footage and a new kind of monster that gamers will face.

As the trailer reveals, a member of the Knights of the Round Table faces off with a newly revealed mythical monster: what appears to be a zombie werewolf. The cover-based shooter then showed off an intense face off between the werewolf and the knight, featuring several scenes of combat alongside cutscenes. The Order was known to have monster-hunting, but this is our first sight of something like the werewolf, let alone a zombie werewolf.

This trailer comes a few weeks after Sony also revealed a delay in the launch of The Order: 1886 until sometime in 2015. More will likely come about the alternate-reality game soon as development continues. For now, enjoy watching a zombie werewolf and one of King Arthur’s knights face it off.