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Indie games take center stage at Nintendo's Nindies Summer Showcase

Nindies Summer Showcase 2017
Nintendo released a new “Nindies Showcase” video presentation on Wednesday that includes several new Switch game announcements as well as a release date for one highly anticipated sequel. You can watch it directly above or on the Nintendo YouTube channel.

Steamworld Dig 2, the sequel to the acclaimed action-platforming game from Image & Form, will release first for Nintendo Switch on September 21. Its crisp, modern art style looks quite a bit different from the original game and it should look beautiful blown up on a television screen.

Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition will on Switch cn early 2018, and it includes the debut of the game’s fifth act. The spooky adventure game originally launched to rave reviews on PC back in 2013 and it has been well over a year since the previous act released.

Yacht Club Games’ Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove will receive its fourth and final campaign in early 2018. King of Cards takes our hero through four different areas for not just the series’ signature action-platforming, but also a card-based mini-game. It will arrive in early 2018.

Cult-hit No More Heroes will be getting a new installment on the Switch — in fact, it’s exclusive to the system. No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again is set seven years after the original game, and sees Travis forced to complete games inside a “phantom game console,” one of which is Hotline Miami. It launches in 2018.

Perhaps the most surprising announcement from the event was the multiplayer shooter Morphies Law. Aside from having an incredible name, the four-on-four game uses a unique gameplay mechanic. As players hit enemies’ bodies, their own bodies grow in inverse proportion. Should you target an opponent’s head exclusively, for instance, your own head will grow larger. This will make you a bigger target, but you can strategically pick where you will grow in order to give yourself an advantage. The game arrives this winter as a Switch console exclusive.

Nintendo revealed a ton of games during the Nindie showcase, including Dragon: Marked for Death and Frozenbyte’s new Trine spinoff, Nine Parchments. Check out the video for a full rundown of the announcements.

Updated on 8-30-2017 by Gabe Gurwin: We previously stated that Kentucky Route Zero would be a console exclusive for Switch. It will also launch on PS4 and Xbox One in 2018.

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