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‘No Man’s Sky’ has sprung a ton of leaks — here’s where to watch them

No Man's Sky
No Man’s Sky is due out Tuesday for PlayStation 4, with the PC release slated for August 12 (according to Hello Games, Steam still hasn’t changed the release date). Anticipation is high, to say the least. And that’s led to a number of leaks.

Though reviewers are apparently finding it difficult to obtain review codes – a situation that’s causing some concern among the community — a few stores with physical copies of the PS4 version in stock have broken the street date. Enterprising gamers, and a few websites (including Polygon and Kotaku), have obtained copies from these stories.

And so the streams have begun. has a policy against streaming leaked games. It’s taken down streams in the past, and has made sure the streams are not archived. Most recordings of the leaks have been taken down from YouTube, as well. But right now — at time of this writing — there are almost a dozen streams on Twitch. Some have been live for several hours. It appears that, in all cases, the game is being played on PlayStation 4.

There’s also a few streams on YouTube’s game streaming channel. While YouTube is banning streams like, it appears to be a bit slower in doing so, and doesn’t always remember to take the replay of the leak down in a timely manner. You may have better luck there.

Most of these streams are not being conducted by well-known streamers — not officially, at least. Leaking a game can result in a ban from, so almost all the streams are from new accounts. There’s also very little voice commentary provided, presumably to remain anonymous.

We did, however, catch a few minutes of commentary from an account fittingly called “nomansskythrowaway.” The unknown streamer wrapped up his stream by saying the game is a “10 out of 10 for relaxation, a 5 out of 10 for excitement.” He didn’t seem to think the game was worth $60, but would be more fairly priced at $40.

Take that for what it’s worth, as it’s just the opinion of one streamer. We won’t have much concrete information about the game until Tuesday, when the game releases and review embargos are lifted.

Until then? Feast upon the streams!

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